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Howl’s Moving Castle Paper Craft Model

$34.99 $40.00
The amazing papercraft model that you could cut apart to build Howl’s Moving Castle. 

Note: This is colour-printed A4 cards not a finished model, Buyers need to cut, fold and stick them.

  • Size: about 19.69" ( about 50cm)
  • Power: AA batteries x 2 (not included)


Guide to build: Basic steps to make Paper Models.
1) Cut out each part roughly. 
2) Use a pencil to mark note softly behind each part to avoid disorder (Don't use a pen as it probably makes damaged trace on the front side). 
3) Use Scissor or Craft Knife to cut parts precisely by following the outer edge. The level of precision affects the efficiency of the combination. (Cut the outermost edge if the line is thick). 
4) Smear white adhesive cement on one of the 2 parts which needed to be stuck together. 
5) Stick them together until the cement bone-dry.

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